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Vixen Class

Home-school online learning is further down the page, after the Phonics video. All worksheets, power-points and attachments are just below.

An introduction to Mr Gum

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Read by Mrs Endall

An introduction to Mr. Twit

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Read by Mrs. Endall


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Hello to Vixen Class, who are some Y2s, all Y3s and some Y4s.


At the moment, P.E will be on a MONDAY and a FRIDAY this term, therefore all Vixen pupils need to come already dressed in their P.E kit. Like all classes, we will NOT be changing clothes in school.


Please note, all P.E will be OUTSIDE due to Covid Safety guidance, so please ensure you have kit suitable for the outdoor weather.


Our topic this term is 'Wish You Were Here'.

Harvest 2020

Dance 2020 - SAMBA and SALSA

Week beginning 4/5/21

Hello, I have attached any worksheets that we will be using. 


This week in English, we will be recording direct speech using speech bubbles and inverted commas (speech marks 66 and 99), as well as postcard writing linked with our Geography. We will be looking at persuasive language for our 'Come to Norfolk' leaflets. As usual, we will have spellings and English/Phonics groups with reading, comprehension and dictation exercises.


In Maths, we will continue looking at more addition, subtraction (column, partitioning, number lines, counting on, the difference between), as well as continued times tables practise, introducing 7, 8 and 12 times tables and long multiplication for 2 and 3 digit numbers to a 1 digit number. We will introduce division as repeated subtraction and division using a number line.


In P.E, we will be continuing with gymnastics on Friday, looking at shapes, symmetrical and asymmetrical, mirroring with a partner and creating a sequence with a partner.


In Geography, we will continue looking at local land features and our local area. We will discuss what Norfolk has to offer and start designing leaflets encouraging people to visit.


In R.E we will remember Ramadan and try out a Muslim prayer mat, facing East.


 And in French we will continue with numbers, when your birthday is and how old you are.


Finally, in Science, we will continue with plants, looking at the life cycle of a plant and seed dispersal and germination.


General Info for in school

Vixen Class are some Y2s, all Y3s and some Y4s. P.E is currently on a Monday and a Friday. Please come dressed in layered outside P.E kit on those days.


Due to Covid regulations, we have to open windows and if possible, doors too. PLEASE ensure your child has plenty of layered clothes as it is still cold in temperature outside, and the classroom can be very cold inside. I am happy for them to wear as many layered clothes and accessories (hat etc) in order for them to keep warm. Please also ensure your child has in school EVERY day the following:

  • A warm, and if possible, waterproof coat
  • A pair of indoor and outdoor shoes suitable for the muddy playing field
  • Enough clothes to keep them warm
  • A water bottle
  • Years 3 and 4 need a snack of fruit/vegetable


Reading books:

Please can your child bring their reading book back in by THURSDAY please, thank you.



Please can your child practise their weekly spellings for a test on FRIDAYS.


Times Tables:

Please can your child regularly practise their times tables. Year 2 need to know x1, x2, x5, x10 and it would be useful to know x3 as well. Year 3 need to know x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x8 and x10, and also x9 and x11 are really quite easy, so please revise those ones too. Year 4 need to know ALL the times tables up to x12. Division is just the same numbers but in a different order eg 2X10=20 and 20 divided by 2=10 etc. I often make a 'Happy Families' game out of them.