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Sports Premium

PE & Sports Premium


The government has allocated additional funding to all primary schools to improve the provision of physical education and sport.


The Cantley and Horning Schools Federation allocation for Sports Premium for 2018/19 is £33,280.




Impact on Attainment/Participation



A/P - Planned spend to update various resources including lacrosse, football, school kit, tag rugby, golf in order to ensure ongoing continuation of high quality provision and expansion into different sports.



A/P - Opportunities to develop subject leader and keep sports provision at the forefront of curricula developments. Also extend number of HLTAs.

HLTA provision


A/P - Long term provision of high quality PE tuition, planning and assessment.

PE leadership time


A – Time to be used for paired observations in order to enhance the quality of provision and the quality of learning the children receive.

Lunchtime running club/Tag rugby club

No cost

A/P – Children encouraged to participate in high quality coaching over half term periods and develop skills to lead into competitive events.

After school Netball, Athletics and Tag Rugby Club



Go Noodle – daily dance activity

No cost

P – All children in all classes have daily dance activity to encourage being active and a way into dance as a regular activity.

Travel to competitive events


A/P – Facilitate elite, competitive sporting opportunities. Children are able to access competitive events, supporting their development of skills and tactical awareness in football, tag rugby, swimming, cross country, multi-skills, netball and basketball.

Cluster Professional Support


P - Sports coordinator role in Acle cluster to ensure effective provision of inter-school competitive events in football, netball, basketball, tag rugby, multi-skills, athletics and cricket. (CPS only)

Support for swimming programme


A - Additional staffing commitment to ensure safe provision of KS2 swimming can be extended where necessary beyond Y3/4 children to give additional coaching where appropriate.

Premier Sport professional support in planning, teaching and assessing PE curriculum in all areas at Cantley.


A/P - Sports provision, including planning and assessment to extend the breadth of curriculum offered and the quality of provision. (CPS only)

Staffing Sporting events


A/P - Additional staffing for out of school competitive sports events to ensure children can be given elite sporting opportunities.

Sports Field Lease and Maintenance


P - Provision of high quality PE over long term in appropriate large outdoor space. (CPS only)

Village Hall Hire


P - Provision of high quality PE over long term in appropriate indoor space.

Additional funds


Funds to be allocated at later points during the year as needs/opportunities arise, taking into account potential changes in role.





The impact of the Sports Premium Funding is monitored by the Headteacher, Governors and P.E subject leader. This includes Governors liaising with the P.E Leadership staff and sharing the developments which are occurring in the subject and the impact of these. Staff across the Federation support each other in the development of the wider PE curriculum in all schools.


All PE funding spends are aimed to have long term and short term developments, ensuring staff and schools are in the position to deliver continuously improving PE teaching, with a lasting range of resources and new opportunities year on year.


All children will benefit from improved quality and have had experience of a wide range of opportunities to ensure that there will be a lasting impact on their physical wellbeing and positive attitude towards their own healthy lifestyles.


Review date: 1st September 2019


Christopher Aitken