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Breakfast and After School Club                                                                 

Information Pack

The clubs have been set up to provide childcare before and after school. The clubs are child-centred, inclusive and provide a stimulating social environment for children from Cantley Primary to start. The clubs promote healthy eating, providing breakfast for those children who attend in the morning and a snack for those attending after school.


The clubs are open to Cantley Primary pupils only, from Reception to Year 6.


The clubs are managed by the school and run on a day-to-day basis by salaried staff. Our Breakfast club supervisors are Miss Gower and Mrs Almond. Mrs Almond also runs After School club.


Our staff members have considerable experience of working with Primary aged pupils and have the necessary qualifications to fulfil their roles. The maximum number of pupils at the clubs will be limited to 16 at any one session.


Breakfast Club - Opening times

Breakfast Club will run during term times only, from 8.00 am to the start of the school day.

Parents can drop off their children at any time until 8.30 am. We are based in the Hall.


The cost of each session will be £3.50 (breakfast is included in this cost).

How Breakfast Club will operate

A light breakfast will be served to all children arriving before 8.30 a.m. (Choice of cereals, toast or fruit with a drink). We regret that breakfast will not be available to those children arriving after 8.30 a.m. as the staff need time to clear up and organise activities for the children.


Please access the school by the main entrance; ring the intercom and a member of staff will let you and your child/ren in.


Reception pupils will be taken to their classes by one of the staff members at the end of the session, whilst KS1 and KS2 pupils will go on to the playground from 8.45am, where they line up ready to go into class.


After School Club - Opening times

After School Club operates from 3.30pm - 5pm weekdays, during term time. We are based in the Hall, though the pupils will also have supervised access to other areas of school for certain activities, as well as our outdoor areas.


The cost of each session is £3.50 and a snack and drink is included in this cost.


How After School club will operate

We provide a snack; we encourage children to participate in the preparation and clearing up of their snack. Fruit, water and fruit juice are also available to the children throughout the session. We use fresh ingredients and follow statutory guidelines.


Children are collected from their classes at the end of the day and taken to After School Club.


When collecting children at the end of the session, please access the school by the main entrance; ring the intercom and a member of staff will bring your child(ren) out.


Children will only leave with the named adult recorded on the collection form unless the school office has been informed by the named adult that an alternative person will collect a child.


Parents are expected to pick their children up punctually, the latest collection time is 5pm. A late pick up charge will apply for collection after this time - £5 for every 15 minutes the parent is late, to cover wages of staff who will be required to remain with the child(ren) until they are collected.


If there is an emergency, and you are unable to collect your children, please contact us on 01493 700308 and let us know the estimated time of arrival.



We offer a range of seasonal activities including; art and craft, board games, dance, construction, outdoor games and sports, IT based activities and the opportunity to chill out and read or watch a film.


During their time at the clubs the children will be able to make choices about what activities to do, relevant to the club of the day. There will be at least one adult led activity each day, which children can choose to take part in. These will sometimes be themed across a week, or planned to link to an event or seasonal celebration.


Booking a place for your child(ren)

Parents wishing to make use of the clubs should complete an initial registration form and use the booking form to indicate which sessions their child(ren) will be attending. Booking forms are available on request from the school office.


Booking forms should be returned to the school office with advance payment half termly. Payment is made via bank transfer. 


Parents should contact the school office if any changes to reservations are to be made. It is very important that all bookings are taken in advance (at least 24 hours) so that we can adequately staff the clubs for the next day.



If your child is absent for any reason, we regret that we are unable to refund any fees for the session(s) missed, unless adequate notice has been given to enable another child to fill the space.


Accidents and first aid

Every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of the children at all times and the club is fully insured. There will be at least one first aid trained person at every session. We operate a first aid procedure and fire drills are carried out regularly.


Any accidents and/or treatment will be recorded in the accident book. The accident book will be reviewed in line with the school’s medical policy.


Behaviour and discipline

Staff will encourage an atmosphere of care and consideration between all members of the club, working within the school’s behaviour policy which all the children are familiar with.


Children are expected to respect each other, staff and visitors whilst at the club, and keep to the

School rules so that all the children enjoy their time after school. We are sure that this will be the case, but if a child is unable to behave appropriately on a regular basis, parents may be told that he/she can no longer attend.


Child protection

The club works in partnership with parents / carers and respects confidentiality. However, the

Children Act 1989 places a clear responsibility on childcare and education establishments to ensure they work together with other agencies to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

As a result, if concerns are raised with the club, they will be reported to Social Services. This is a legal requirement and is in line with Government and Local Authority policy.


Policies and Health & Safety

Breakfast and After School clubs are run as part of the overall management of the school and follow the school’s policies and procedures.


Help towards costs

As working parents you may be entitled to tax credits to contribute towards the cost of your childcare. Our reference number for this purpose is EY292378. Further information can be obtained from the Inland Revenue 0300 123 4097 or by visiting

Generally speaking if you’re a lone parent you must work for at least 16 hours a week to qualify and if you’re part of a couple you and your partner must both work at least 16 hours.

Another option you can use to pay for the Breakfast and After School Club is through Childcare Vouchers. They need to be offered via your employer, but many large and small companies take part. Childcare vouchers enable you to pay for childcare out of your PRE-TAX and National Insurance income. Please contact your employer for further details. We are already registered with a number of companies.

We are unable to offer a child a place if there is an outstanding payment owed.



We welcome feedback. Please let us know your views!

If you would like any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We hope your child/ren enjoy their time with us!



Breakfast and After School Clubs Admissions Policy

For allocation of places, but also acknowledging long term attendees’ support of the clubs, the following criteria will be taken into consideration:

Regular term booking attendees will be given priority over those who use it less often, or on an ad hoc basis).

Places can be reserved in advance in order to secure placements although payment is required on booking. Children cannot be admitted to the clubs until the parent/carer formally registers them.

Parents/carers are to provide completed forms for each child they register for the clubs.

Parents/carers must notify the school office at the earliest opportunity if there are any changes to the child(ren)’s registration details so that the forms can be updated regularly.

If the clubs are oversubscribed a waiting list will be kept and administered by the school office staff.

The Headteacher reserves the right to refuse admission to any child whose behaviour is, in our opinion, not in the best interest of the other children’s health and safety. (This course of action would only be implemented once our agreed procedures for tackling behaviour problems have been exhausted – please see both the schools’ behaviour policy.

By booking places at the clubs, and completing and returning the registration forms, parents are confirming that they have read and understood the clubs policies and procedures and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the clubs.