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Phonics is a key strength of Cantley Primary School. It is a central part of children’s learning and something we place great value in. Our phonics and language development begins before children have started school and we continue to support their understanding of language and the way it is built throughout their time in school. is taught is small, ability streamed groups from the beginning of Reception, in a variety of different ways. Teaching is supported by resources from the Read, Write, Inc scheme of work. Our teaching follows our federation ethos of making learning fun, and is designed to stimulate and create enthusiastic, life-long readers and writers.


Read Write Inc Phonics is a complete literacy programme for children learning to read. It is designed to create fluent, enthusiastic readers who have a secure comprehension of texts, produce confident speakers and keen writers.


In Reception/Y1/Y2: The children will be taught a new sound most days as well as being assessed regularly by the class teachers to check they are making good progress. The children learn how to orally blend and segment before learning to write sounds and words.


Children are taught in small groups for their phonics input, they are inherently engaged and perform superbly during these sessions. It is an extremely successful process; children demonstrate outstanding blending skills and enjoy interesting and varied opportunities to develop these skills in their own reading and writing. Children make excellent progress.   




2018 - 95%

2019 - 50%