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Quality First Teaching Statement

Quality First Teaching Statement: The Together Federation – September 2019

In The Together Federation of Schools we will:

  • Provide a safe, positive and stimulating environment where individual children’s needs are met.
  • Have clear, but high expectations of what our children can achieve and provide consistency in their daily routines.
  • Know our children – their particular needs and learning styles and provide support where necessary
  • Provide appropriate levels of challenge, which are achievable, and give them strategies which enable them to make clear steps towards their goals.
  • Have a variety of teaching styles and resources in our classrooms – both indoor and outdoor – which engage the child’s interest so that their creativity can flourish and each child can access the work.
  • Give them opportunities to expand their horizons – both in and out of the classroom – that provide access to discovering and developing their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.
  • Provide clear feedback to children so they know whether they have reached their goal, or if not, what they need to do to get there.
  • Give children the strategies to develop strong Behaviours for Learning [such as Resilience, Independence, Reflectiveness, Responsibility and Empathy]
  • Ensure that we as staff have the skills and training to meet the needs of the children and be able to motivate them in their daily learning
  • In our daily interactions, model the relationships, behaviours and patience we wish to see in them.
  • Through questioning, engagement, interaction and celebration, give them an overwhelming joy of learning that leaves them wanting more.
  • Communicate clearly with all those involved with each child – including parents, all adults in school, the wider community and external agencies.