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While a lot of our children and families will be staying at home for the near future, we will be updating this page regularly with 'daily tasks' - ideas and home learning suggestions but please remember that they are optional. Keep home learning fun and remember that the EYFS is a play based curriculum so if you're playing your child is learning!
We will also be updating and checking Tapestry.

All previous activities we have sent home are listed below too. 

Every Monday there will be a new video of one of the nursery staff reading a story! These will be added to the learning journals on Tapestry. We will also be emailing and/or calling to keep in touch.

It is important to remember that yours, and your child's, emotional and mental wellbeing are paramount, especially during this unprecedented time of social distancing and self isolation. Be kind to yourself! Keep home learning fun and have fun, stay safe and we will see you soon! Best wishes from Miss Bloom, Mrs Cheongvee, Mrs Luxford, Mrs Buckley and Miss Broom.

The Cantley Nursery Team. 


Cantley Nursery is a wonderful place for children to play, learn and make friends. The relaxed and wholesome environment we offer is important in enabling you and your child to feel welcome. It is very important to us that your child feels safe, happy and secure during their time at Nursery, and that they enjoy a wide variety of learning experiences through exploration, investigation and play.


We strive to offer a high standard of care within the nursery, with support, nurturing and opportunities that will exceed parents' expectations. Giving children a safe and happy environment to develop and grow into a confident and caring person. We achieve this by giving them enjoyable and interesting experiences which are key to creating a positive attitude to learning, so the emphasis is on learning through fun! We use a ‘child led’ approach to learning and play which means that we facilitate learning activities based on topics chosen by the children in our care and follow each child’s interests to enhance their nursery experience. We know that the early years of a child’s life are crucial to their development and our practitioners work to ensure that every child gets the best possible start in their education at our nursery.


The small ratio of children to each qualified practitioner allows effective relationships with children and their parents/carers to be established and enables support to be given to each individual child, with careful planning for their next steps.


We take on children between the ages of two and four and let them discover, absorb, learn and enjoy as they take their first steps in a learning environment, following the EYFS Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Play underpins the delivery of all the EYFS. Children learn by playing and exploring; being active; and through creative and critical thinking, which takes place both indoors and outside. We have regular access to an enclosed large field and nature garden complete with bird hide! Being based in the beautiful Norfolk countryside we believe in making the most of our lovely location. We ask all parent(s)/carer(s) to provide wellies and we provide mud suits as we access our garden all year round! Our children enjoy planting seeds, growing flowers, splashing in puddles, fruit and vegetables and learning about local wildlife and how to care for the environment.


Children have the choice to play with a variety of equipment, which they can access independently, covering the 7 areas of learning. We also provide adult directed activities (planned from child observations and children’s interests and abilities), to extend children’s learning and to move the children on.


We recognise the role of parents as partners in their child’s development and learning and welcome your support and contributions in all aspects of nursery and school. Part of the way that we do this are with regular parent’s evenings and Curiosity Café’s (a stay and play type event!).


Our Nursery classroom is full of lovely equipment, a home corner, a painting area, a quiet area and library, endless dressing-up costumes, a touch screen computer, a painting area and lots and lots and lots of toys, activities and learning resources.


We have our own enclosed garden with a 2 play houses, trikes, scooters, mud kitchen, a sand pit, a water tray and lots of other of toys, activities and learning resources. We love gardening and wildlife and grow our own flowers, fruit and vegetables. We also use the school field and playground to extend our learning opportunities.


One of the many benefits of having a Nursery within a school setting is being able to use school resources and where appropriate, being included in activities such as topic related trips, sports day, book week and other fun events.


We have places for 16 children per session and we are able to take children from their second birthday. We are open Monday - Friday (term time only) and our basic session times are from 8.45 – 11.45am or 12.30 – 3.30pm. Wrap around care is also offered enabling you to leave your child from 8.45 and until 12.30 or 3.30pm.  If no spaces are available at the time of request, your child will be placed on our waiting list.


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We are currently learning how to care for local wildlife and about animals and their habitats.

We have drawn our favourite birds.
This bird is a Great Tit.
Here is a Blue Tit being painted.
Beautiful Blue Tit.
Exploring the soil where insects live & food grows
Exploring the soil where insects live & food grows
Lots of compost to investigate, what's growing?
I spy with my little eye...
We've been doing a spot of bird watching!
Bird watching at nursery.
Who lives in a hole like this?
Look at the size of that wiggly worm!
Bird watching at nursery.
Having a close look at a real pigeon nest!
A real pigeon nest!
There are lots of creative ways to make a bird!
Threading cheerios on to a pipe cleaner.
making bird feeders for the garden.
We collected our own bird nest materials.
We collected our own bird nest materials.
We collected our own bird nest materials.
We collected our own bird nest materials.
We made a nest for a little bird.
We put seeds into apples for the birds to eat.
We put seeds into apples for the birds to eat.
We put seeds into apples for the birds to eat.
The birds can stand on the sticks to eat the seeds
We put seeds into apples for the birds to eat.
The birds can stand on the sticks to eat the seeds
We put seeds into apples for the birds to eat.
Our bird feeders are hung near window.
Our bird feeders are hung near window.
A perfect stick for Stickman!
Stickman, Stick lady love and a stick child.
We love to look for wiggly worms!
We love to look for wiggly worms!
We love to look for wiggly worms!
We made a pond for water insects.