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Governing Body Vision Statement




‘To be renowned for enjoyable learning’


We believe happy children learn so we deliver learning in creative ways. Our children develop a passion for free-thinking enabling them to be life-long learners.


High Levels of Achievement – is our expectation for all pupils, reflecting their individual strengths in terms of academic achievement in order to grow self confidence. Reaching high levels of achievement will look different for each pupil depending on his/her circumstances, abilities and needs (e.g., pupils with special needs). Pupils will be celebrated for achievement against their own prior performance as well as benchmarks in comparison to like for like children educated elsewhere. By being inspiring and challenging we will build children’s confidence through enjoyable learning. (e.g. theme days, clubs, varied sports/cluster competitions, forest days etc.).


Focused Curriculum – is essential to ensure that all pupils are prepared for diverse lives and sensitive to other cultures. The curriculum will be increasingly innovative (e.g. technology and science to encourage free-thinking, languages and drama to open minds, and sport to ensure well-being). We will seek out best practice and not become complacent with the successes we have. Working with other schools we will bring in skills that we need to import; being involved within the local community we will build understanding of society, and being exposed to different cultures we will develop perspective about different environments. We will go beyond the classroom to learn, seeking out and leveraging learning beyond the boundaries of the immediate school especially as it relates to preparing pupils for High School. (e.g. skill swaps/community meetings, local volunteering projects, stretched by involving high schools with primary schools more)


Safe and Stimulating Premises – are essential to ensure that all pupils are in an environment that unlocks their potential. The physical and varied spaces needed in order for pupils to learn, grow and develop must be a focus of ongoing investment. (e.g. study areas like Reading Cafe, social/fun zones and physical exertion space create a balanced environment within which learning can take place.)


Public Engagement – is fundamental to ensure parents, education partners and communities have the opportunity to be heard, share perspectives and participate in decisions around education. Communication will be transparent, two-way and open to enable all to support pupil’s education in and outside of school. (e.g. text messaging, social media and opportunities for parents to come into school etc.)



Agreed by the Governing Body May 2017