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Everyone Leaves Ready

‘We believe happy children learn, so we deliver learning in creative ways. Our children develop a passion for free-thinking, enabling them to be life-long learners...’


Everyone Leaves Ready

Everyone Leaves Ready is a project I have created and we as a federation are implementing to support all of our children and all of their families to ensure that they all leave us with the best possible chance of fulfilling their potential, of being happy and successful throughout their lives.


There are currently 8 different aspects to the project, which come together to build all of our children’s self-esteem, to let them all sparkle with the confidence that will see them try anything and genuinely believe they can succeed if they are committed and driven.


Everyone Leaves Ready is my response to seeing too many children who just don’t know how brilliant they are and how absolutely amazing they can become. The single biggest barrier to success we have is the limitations we put on ourselves. We want our children to go beyond this, not to fear failure, to aim for the sky and reach as high as they can…



Everyone Leaves Ready 2017 Actions:

  1. Implement fully inclusive Curiosity Cafes throughout all classes, genuinely welcoming all children’s families into school to be a valued and active part of their education, developing proper relationships with families and supporting them to support their children.
  2. Implement new core subject ‘RIPS’ Resilience, Independence and Problem Solving curriculum in all year groups and all aspects of school, including child specific assessment and planning cycle.
  3. Replace homework with ‘#choose’ – where children spend the time they might have spent doing homework having quality time with their families, being active, embracing their strengths and indulging in the child to develop a more inquisitive, engaging and school ready attitude in all.
  4. Embed Communication Friendly Schools project, understanding individual communication needs and developing trust and respect between all.
  5. Implement Healthy Whole Child plan to ensure school supports children’s well being, mental and physical health.
  6. Identify children with lower self-esteem and support with school house key person.
  7. All Year 5 & 6 children have interviews with the Headteacher to identify strengths, develop growth mindset.


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