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Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Statement:


At Cantley Primary School we cover all areas of the curriculum as required by the Education Reform Act 1989. This includes the subjects necessary for the implementation of the National Curriculum.


The Core subjects are Mathematics, English, Science and Computing. Foundation subjects are History, Geography, Design Technology, Art, Music, Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE), Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural (SMSC), Physical Education, Modern Foreign Languages and Religious Education. Programmes of Study for each subject of the National Curriculum set out what pupils should be taught. Attainment Targets set out the criteria by which teachers determine the level of achievement of each individual child.


At the end of each Key Stage (i.e. Years 2 and 6) the children take Standard Assessment Tests (SATs) in English and Mathematics. These measure the children's progress against the standards set out in the Attainment Targets of the National Curriculum. The school also administers the non-statutory QCA tests in English and Mathematics in years 3, 4 and 5 and where possible in year 1. These measure progress between the SATs and identify areas of learning for pupils.


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