Welcome to Springbok Class

Welcome to Springbok Class! In Springbok Class there are 18 children and we all enjoy learning together and investigating ideas linked to our topics. Mrs Branch is the class teacher and is supported by adults in the week including Mrs Buckley, Mrs Almond and Mrs Forder. We are always thinking about our JONK characteristics when we are learning - being reflective, resilient, resourceful, creative, collaborative and curious. We enjoy learning together as a whole class and then at different times in the week we learn in our different year groups.

Each day we have phonics sessions and the monsters from Monster Phonics help us to apply our knowledge of our letters and sounds in all lessons.

This term Year R pupils are thinking about the topic of All About Me! They are learning about understanding the world by talking about members of our immediate family and community whilst exploring their likes and dislikes. Pupils have the opportunity to discuss what we do when we are at school and describe people who are familiar to us such as staff from school or people within our community. We will also be thinking about how to stay healthy, including thinking about how to brush our teeth correctly and how to manage our own hygiene. Through the use of resources, Year R pupils will also be learning about drawing and printing during the term.

In Year 1 and 2 we are thinking about the topic of ‘Let’s Fly Away!’. We will be learning about The Wright Brothers and how they were resilient when designing different flying machines. We will also be learning about Amelia Earhart and how she was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. We will be developing our learning through thinking about key questions and also through developing our understanding of our topic words - change, failure and dreams. Pupils will also have the opportunity to develop their music skills by thinking about what an orchestra is and listening to different pieces of music. We will also be developing our science skills and thinking about where animals live.

As a class, we will be developing our physical education skills and learning how to travel in different ways as well as use a variety of different pieces of equipment.

We look forward to having a fun term learning together in Springbok Class!

What are we learning about this term?

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