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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4!


Class 4 is an extremely awesome class to be part of.


Our class teacher: Mr Parkhouse is an awesome teacher that makes learning fun and enjoyable. He knows all his pupils strength’s and weakness’s and believes everyone can reach their goals if they try hard and don’t give up. Our teaching assistant - Miss Gower always helps around the classroom if someone is stuck and doesn’t know what to do, Miss Gower will come and help.


Recently, Class 4 has had a new piece of furniture that we call the reading corner. You can use the reading corner during lessons for doing our work. If you book it for lunchtimes you can use it to chat, read or to play a board game. The reading corner was put in to help encourage us to read more.


You can book the reading corner by paying in rewards that you earn for doing good work; other things you can get from doing amazing work is head teacher’s awards or awesome student awards these can be given by the teacher/head teacher and can be given to anyone of any age group.


By Charlotte Wright (head girl) and Emily Bubb (house captain)


Our most recent school and class letters are available by clicking the link below:-

Class 4 Photo's