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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!


Our classroom is in the mobile at the top of the slope as you enter the gate and Mrs Powley and Mrs Brooks are our fabulous teachers.  In Key stage 2 the work gets harder but we enjoy the challenges. When we understand tricky work we feel proud and feel like we have achieved something. We cover different topics in maths and english with each of our teachers.


Class 3 is good, because we get set fun tasks and learn at the same time. We are learning to speak spanish with Mrs Brooks and in science with Mrs Powley we are making electric circuits. It is fun because we can make a light bulb work, a buzzer sound or a propeller move. In our class we all take a turn to be a ‘special person’ for the day. If you are ‘special person’ you get to do lots of jobs such as answering the telephone and sorting out snack. We like hearing and reading exciting stories and we do ERIC ‘Everyone Reading in Class’ after lunch.


This term our topic is ‘You’re Hired’ and in English we are applying to work on a ship and go on a voyage from Peru to New Zealand. If we pass the interview and get a job on the ship, who knows what will happen to us on our voyage- only our teachers!


The staff are helpful and very kind. If you are stuck just put your hand up and a teacher or teaching assistant will come and help you with whatever you are stuck with.  


You should come along and have some fun learning too. Our classmates are great to hang with and we are a friendly bunch. 


If you do come down to class 3, we will give you a nice welcome. We would be so happy to see you.    


That’s why class 3 is the best.  You MUST come and see!!!!!


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