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Home-school online learning is further down the page, after the Phonics video. All worksheets, power-points and attachments are just below.

The enormous crocodile, part 2 read by Mrs Endall

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Harvest 2020

Hello to Vixen Class, who are some Y2s, all Y3s and some Y4s.


At the moment, P.E will be on a MONDAY and a FRIDAY this Autumn term, therefore all Vixen pupils need to come already dressed in their P.E kit. Like all classes, we will NOT be changing clothes in school.


Please note, all P.E will be OUTSIDE due to Covid Safety guidance, so please ensure you have kit suitable for the outdoor weather.


Our topic this term is 'Buckets of Culture’- how has life changed?'

Dance 2020 - SAMBA and SALSA


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Please note I am now setting our whole class zoom lessons for reoccurring lessons which will repeat every week on the SAME DAY at the SAME TIME.

Hello, here is your online learning for:

Friday 15/1/21

Hello, here is your last day of this week's home-learning. Practise your spellings for the very last time, then have your spelling test. As we are having a zoom lesson at 10, I have not set too much for today's learning.


Our zoom lesson will have English grammar and then we WILL finish our French Numbers! At least up to twenty anyway!


For Maths, please ask your adult/older sibling to give you a times tables test. If you able to get onto TTRock Stars, that would be as good or in addition to having a test. Also, click on the link above for Karate Cats Maths which should be fun for x2, x5, x10 tables.


For your other activity/lesson, please click on the BBC Bitesize Computer lessons and watch them. If any of you watched Wednesday's Bitesize lesson on CBBC, you will have noticed they were looking at both of these.


I am hoping many of you are doing P.E with Joe? If not, don't forget Oti Mabuse at 11 am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Or perhaps you are going for walks every day, which is excellent. We must keep up our physical activity, as we know it contributes greatly to our mental well-being Keep active, Vixen Class, and we will do some P.E again on one of our zoom lessons soon. Have a lovely weekend, stay safe, hug your family and keep smiling! Speak to you all next week.









Thursday 14/1/21

Hello, it was so lovely to see so many of you on our zoom call yesterday. I'm sorry it cut off before we personally said goodbye. I am sending emails for our Friday zoom call as soon as possible. Don't forget, the invite comes to you the pupils, at your own personal email address. Please email myself or the office if you are having any problems with this.


First, write out your spellings in your best, joined up handwriting. Then, please watch the video of me reading the next part of the story. You can keep rewatching. Then answer the following questions:

  1. What are the Enormous Crocodiles's teeth compared to?
  2. What type of plans did the Enormous Crocodile have?
  3. What type of tricks did he have?
  4. Before he says goodbye to the Notsobig One, the Enormous Crocodile says he's going to WHAT upon a fat, juicy, little child?(Hint: it's the verb to eat well.)
  5. What verb describes how the Enormous Crocodile gets out of the water?
  6. What adjectives describe the mud?
  7. Who is Humpy Rumpy?
  8. What adjective in the text describes his size?
  9. What does Humpy Rumpy ask the Enormous Crocodile when he first sees him?
  10. What word in the little rhyme that the Enormous Crocodile chants to Humpy Rumpy is repeated 4 times?
  11. What other word in the text rhymes with this repeated word?
  12. How does the Enormous Crocodile describe the thing that he wants to eat, after he asks Humpy Rumpy to guess what it is?
  13. What insult does Humpy Rumpy say to the enormous crocodile? What does he call him?
  14. What does Humpy say that he hopes happens to the Enormous Crocodile?
  15. Who did the Enormous Crocodile meet in the jungle?
  16. What animal are they?
  17. How the Enormous Crocodile get the attention of Trunky?
  18. What kind of voice does it say Trunky had?
  19. What adjective does Trunky use to describe the crocodile?
  20. Where does Trunky tell him to go?


Maths:  Watch the division power-point. You can all work through the Y2 Division cards worksheet. Then, if you are a Y3/4 please watch the BBC Bitesize Division using a number line link. After that, complete the worksheet for Division using a number line.

For your other activity, give a compliment to everyone in your household. If you would like to extend it to your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, good friends. Try to find a different compliment for everyone. Do you like their smile, their laugh, the way they tell jokes, their cooking, the way they read stories, how their style their hair, their freckles, their dimples, their voice, their eyes, their cute nose, their curls, their ears, their singing voice, their teeth, their gappy teeth, their dainty feet, the shape of their face, their graceful neck, their long spine/legs/hair etc.

Keep those compliments handy to cheer each other up when feeling low.

Can’t wait to see you on the zoom call tomorrow. Take care, stay safe, speak to you tomorrow.


Wednesday 13/1/21

Hello, I hope you are well and are looking forward to our zoom call at 10 a.m. Please copy out your spellings again and then go to your English lessons.

If you cannot remember what subordinating conjunctions are, please watch the above Oak Academy lesson about using subordinating conjunctions. My expectation is that all Y2s will do that lesson and that all Y3/4s will too if they cannot recall subordinating conjunctions. Then, most Y3/4s will need to watch the other Oak Academy lesson for compound sentences using coordinating conjunctions. Y2s could watch it too if they wish. Then, Y2s or anyone working alongside Y2s, will complete the worksheet for simple sentences. Y3/4s can complete the cut up and muddle up and put back together again conjunctions sheet. 


Maths: Please watch the BBC Bitesize links on division. If you are Y2, or working alongside Y2, you have the next 3 days to work on division for 2, 5 and 10. If you are a Y3/4 who has worked on all the given x tables, then you need to watch ALL the division ones available for 2, 5 and 10 TODAY, please.

Please complete the 2 division worksheets.


Following on from our French lesson, please do the 2 French worksheets.

That's it for Wednesday's lessons, alongside our zoom call. Stay safe and see you tomorrow. 




 Tuesday 12/1/21:

Hello, I hope you are well. Please copy your spellings and then most children should be able to do (some independently, and some with support) the 'er and 'est suffix worksheets. If your child needs plenty of support, just work through 1 or 2 sheets. If your child is managing well, then see if you can complete ALL 4!



Most of you should have completed the 2x, 5x and 10x worksheets. If not, please make sure you complete them. If you have easily completed all your 2x,5x,10x tables, you can move onto x11 and x3. My expectation is that many Y3s and Y4s will have completed all the times tables, with the exception of x7 and x12. Please move at your child's pace.


Other activity: Science - human skeleton.

As a warm up, watch the Oak National Academy What are the different parts of the human body? Then, watch the 2 BBC Bitesize videos Human Skeleton and What does a skeleton do? GoNoodle also has a song called Bones, the link is above. After that, fill complete the 2 skeleton worksheets. What else can you learn about the human skeleton? There is also a Bones word-search as well.


By now, you should have received your Wednesday zoom lesson invite. I intend us to do some Maths and then some French. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow at 10 a.m! Can't wait!




Monday 11/1/21: 

Hello, I hope you had a good weekend. Perhaps you went for a walk outside and crunched some of the ice puddles, or perhaps spotted the frosty spiders' webs, the crunchy grass and the icy, bare trees?

At the top of the worksheets section, I have enclosed a bird-spotter sheet from the RSPB. At the end of the month, there is a 'Great British Birdwatch' that anyone can join in and contribute to. You might want to look at this sheet if you go out for a walk.


9 a.m is P.E with Joe, as well as the start of the TV live BBC Bitesize lessons. 9 - 9.20ish is for Year 2 and anyone else who wants to revise their learning and 9.20 ish - 9.40ish is for Years 3 and 4 (and any Y2s wishing to extend their learning.

They are highly recommended. Also, at 11 a.m, the Strictly Come Dancing triple champion Oti Mabuse is starting her dance classes again. At 11 a.m, go to her YouTube channel or her facebook page.


So, first do your spellings. Copy them down. Yellow and Green groups, please watch the 'ous Oak National Academy lesson, The link is at the VERY TOP of the page.


Next, everyone needs to please watch the Oak Academy Comparative and Superlative lesson (2nd from top).


Then, change these root words into comparative ( suffix ending of 'er) and then superlative (suffix ending in 'est). HINT: If the word only has 1 consonant at the end, you must double it e.g red = redder = reddest AND if it ends in a 'y', that will change to an i e.g happy = happier = happiest


full = fuller = fullest

tall =

small =

short =

large =

big =

muddy =

long =

little =

tiny =

shiny =

dreary =

weird =

mad =

sad =

bad =

good =

Watch out for those last two!



All this week, please choose a Supermovers times table active learning. Everyone needs to start with x2, x5, and x10. After that, Y2s can choose x3 and perhaps another one - x11 is very easy. Y3 and 4, I expect MOST of you to do all the other times tables!


Please can everyone watch Numeracy Live Lesson which is the Varied Times Tables link. Next, everyone needs to watch the KS1 and Lower KS2 link. Everyone needs to watch:

 What is multiplication?

Multiples of 2, 5 and 10

After that, work through the x2, x5 and x10 multiplication wheels worksheets.


For your other lesson today, there are 2 links for 2 different PSHE lessons.

One is for aimed at Y2 but is absolutely appropriate for Y3 and Y4. It is about yourself - All about me.

The second is aimed at Y3 and 4 and is all about Community Care - What is a community? Watch one of those and do the activities. Pick whichever one you fancy - or both if you like!


I will hopefully have sent your Wednesday zoom lesson invitations later on today. At the moment, (Sunday evening), zoom is not letting me schedule any meetings but I will resolve this problem as soon as I possibly can. Take care, stay safe and speak to you tomorrow.


General Info for in school


Vixen Class are some Y2s, all Y3s and some Y4s. P.E is currently on a Monday and a Friday. Please come dressed in layered outside P.E kit on those days.


Due to Covid regulations, we have to open windows and if possible, doors too. PLEASE ensure your child has plenty of layered clothes as it is Winter, and the classroom is very cold. I am happy for them to wear as many layered clothes and accessories (hat etc) in order for them to keep warm. Please also ensure your child has in school EVERY day the following:

  • A warm, and if possible, waterproof coat
  • A pair of indoor and outdoor shoes suitable for the muddy playing field
  • Enough clothes to keep them warm
  • A water bottle
  • Years 3 and 4 need a snack of fruit/vegetable


Reading books:

Please can your child bring their reading book back in by THURSDAY please, thank you.



Please can your child practise their weekly spellings for a test on FRIDAYS.


Times Tables:

Please can your child regularly practise their times tables. Year 2 need to know x1, x2, x5, x10 and it would be useful to know x3 as well. Year 3 need to know x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x8 and x10, and also x9 and x11 are really quite easy, so please revise those ones too. Year 4 need to know ALL the times tables up to x12. Division is just the same numbers but in a different order eg 2X10=20 and 20 divided by 2=10 etc. I often make a 'Happy Families' game out of them.