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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!


We are a mixture of Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3.  Our teacher is Mrs Endall & Mrs Hey and Mrs Almond are our teaching assistants.


Every morning a special person is chosen and they are responsible for organising all the jobs, like answering the phone, organising snack and giving out resourcesIn Class 2, most Year 2 & 3 children will join their handwriting-Year 2s & 3s may sometimes get to use special handwriting pens.


All children do some form of reading every day either in a group, individually or both. We read at home every night and we try to make sure we don’t miss a night if possible. We have differentiated spellings to learn on Monday for a test on Friday.  At times, we will be given differentiated homework, which can be anything to do with what we have been learning about in class. We have a whole school topic each term and this means we learn some similar things to all the other classes and means we can all share ideas as a school.


We are a very fit and active class, generally doing over 2 hours of P.E a week. As Mrs Endall is the P.E co-ordinator, she is very keen on ensuring we stay fit and active and encourages us to participate in extra-curricular P.E activities. We often run for 10 minutes every week as part of the Golden Mile. We also enjoy doing songs, dances and yoga on GoNoodle!


We also have super-fun music lessons with Mr Draycott. He teaches Y1 & Y2 recorder and Y3 flutes.  He does funny music games, songs and action rhymes too.  He tries to trick us with 'Don't Clap This One Back!'


Year 3s have extra fun things like swimming lessons.


In Class 2, we really enjoy art, craft, dance, drama and gymnastics.  We enjoy performing and being creative.  Mrs Endall loves us to perform at every opportunity!


We love the fun activities and visitors who come into school and we try to go on regular outings each term.  We have gone to the Castle, Cathedral and the theatre over the last few years.


We also enjoy learning other languages and so to you we say` Au revoir ' a bientot!'


By Class 2 with some input from Mrs Endall.


Our most recent school and class letters are available by clicking the link below:-