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Class 1

Hello, Welcome to Class 1!


Class One this year has Reception and Year 1 children taught by Mrs Daisley and Mrs Rafftree. The children’s learning takes place within several areas.  The main classroom has two separate carpet areas, with an adjoining small group room and outdoor area which allows for Free Flow playful learning, essential for accessing the Foundation Stage curriculum.  There is also an outdoor garden environment created by the children and parents to further enhance outdoor learning for all of the school. Inside we have areas for mathematical investigations, book sharing, mark making, group learning as well as accessing technology with our Ipads, laptops and interactive smart board.


In addition to accessing physical activities in our outdoor area, children have two opportunities to participate in P.E each week, taking part in team games, dance or gymnastic skills over the course of the academic year.  The children also take part in Golden Mile.


The children all read each day. This can be individual reading with a teacher, teaching assistant, voluntary reader or through guided group reading in our daily Phonic sessions.  Books are sent home for children to share with a parent or carer. We also have library books available for children to select and share at home.  Our phonics teaching uses resources from ‘Read Write Inc.’ and provides a fun way for the children to learn their sounds.