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Cantley Primary School


As of 1st September 2017 our school is in federation with Horning Primary School. This is a formal partnership, we share a Headteacher, and it gives us an opportunity to share joint staff training. We also share ideas between the two schools, with staff often travelling between sites. We have one governing body for both schools, but each school has its own ethos, although in truth, they are quite similar schools.


Because we are in federation, our head, Mr Aitken is not in school every day. We therefore have senior teachers, in Mrs Daisley & Mr Parkhouse, who can and will respond to any issues you may have that would normally be dealt with by the head, when he is not here.  The senior teachers share the week as they are both busy teaching, so Mrs Daisley with cover Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning with Mr Parkhouse covering Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.