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Dress your teacher up Friday 9th February

Easter Party is Saturday 24th March

Dress your teacher up Tuesday 27th March

The SAT’s Disco will be on Friday 18th May

Dress your teacher up Friday 25th May

Family Fun Sports Day is Saturday 9th June

Cantley Funday Saturday 7th July

Prom will be Friday 13th July 2018

Dress your teacher up Monday 23rd July


Cantley School Association

The C.S.A was formed in 1983. The committee are parents, friends of the school and staff who regularly organise fundraising and social events throughout the school year in order to support the School. The association holds events such as parties, disco’s, quiz nights, fetes, jumble sales and much more during each year. Every penny raised directly benefits the children of Cantley Primary School. We provide and assist in the provision of facilities for education at the School that are not normally provided by the Local Education Authority. The money raised throughout the year is spent on transport for educational trips, swimming transport and new equipment or resources for the school.


The C.S.A would like to thank everyone who helps us throughout the year. Parents and carers, teachers, friends, and family, without your generous help we would not be able to provide the extra funding needed for the things like equipment and coaches. Recently we have contributed towards the new educational play area equipment in the class 1 outdoor area and coaches for school trips. We also bought new football posts and a new P.A system. These are just a few of the things our fund raising provides.




Cantley School Association






{1st Number Drawn} BOOBY PRIZE = £10.00 Mrs V.Hewitt


{7TH Number Drawn} BONUS PRIZE = £15.00 Mr M.Spinks


{14th Number Drawn} BONUS PRIZE = £20.00 Mrs J.Lambert


{22nd Number Drawn} BONUS PRIZE = £30.00 Mrs J.Spinks


{31st Number Drawn} BONUS PRIZE = £40.00 Mrs J.Spinks


{41st Number Drawn} 3RD PRIZE = £64.00

Mrs S.Wilkinson


{50th Number Drawn} 2nd PRIZE = £107.00 Mrs.G.Smith


*{59th Number Drawn} 1st PRIZE = £210.00

Mrs A. Shimmon


Congratulations to all the winners.


  1. who has not yet joined and wishes to take part in these 6 monthly draws may do so by filling in the standing order or by paying a year in advance. We currently have 59 numbers. The more people that support it the bigger the cash prizes. The small amount of £2.50 every month is your way of supporting the school and will help raise extra funds that directly benefit all of our children. Also giving you the chance to win substantial cash prizes, every 6 months. Please encourage friends and family to take part. Application forms are available from the office. The next draw will take place in June 2019.

                                                       Thank you for your support C.S.A




One of our first Fundraising ideas was our Lottery draw and it still raises over £300 a year.  Tickets cost just 50p a number per month, there are 4 prizes in all and the prize money is based on a percentage of the total money collected. For further details and to join, please contact the School Office. The latest winners are available from school.




1st A Sharman

2nd L Stokes
3rd J Robertson
4th A Sadd



A popular way of raising funds is our weekly cake raffle. Tickets cost just 50p and are sold on Friday morning outside the office. The winner is drawn during assembly and is a big hit with both children and parents.



We also have a recycle bin on our school car park for paper. Help us fill it up and it gets turned into cash for the school.



Every year we also sell tickets at a £1 each to win a luxurious Christmas Hamper full of lots of delicious treats.


Thank you for your continued support